Feature Film

Police Sergeant Daniels, THE SCREAMING WOODS, Kent Independent film, Steve Davis

DCI Tony Lane, DEAD LIES, Invicta picures, Gary Spate

Professor Kenneth Teagle, INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD, Indywood Films, Antony D Lane

P.C, CHRISTMAS SLAY, Kent Independent Film, Steve Davis

Simon Templeton, STRANGERS WITHIN, 2050 Films, Liam Hooper

The “Teacher”, SHELTER, Blackwire films, Thomas Smith

Professor Barrington, ONE MINUTE BEFORE TIME, Nikee Brooklyn


Rigsby, Rising Damp, The Arden Theatre, Emma Taylor

Ludovico, Othello, The Canterbury Shakespeare Festival, Tom Houlton

Leonard Woolf, WEST, Kent Coast Theatre, Alison Mead

Andy Mann, Murder Rattle & Roll, Company Upfront, Keith Stichman

St George, St George & the Dragon, Phoenix Taverners Theatre Co, Caroline Lamoon.

Dan, THE DREAM, All the worlds a stage, Amanda Croft

Jim, A CHRISTMAS REVERIE, All The World’s A Stage, Amanda Croft

Arthur.M.Smithjones, DEATH BY MURDER, Company Upfront, Keith Stichman

Sebastian Beauchamp, MURDER IN WRITING, Company Upfront, Keith Stitchman

Ryan Stone, CALICO CREEK, Company Upfront, Keith Stitchman

Maurice Beauchamp, MURDER IN WRITING, Company Upfront, Keith Stichman

Sr Thomas Beauchamp, MURDER IN WRITING, Company Upfront, Keith Stitchman

Rev. Edward Coe, MURDER IN THE DARK, Company up front, Keith Stitchman

Jeff, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, Doppleganger Productions, Simon Jay

Dickensian Characters, DICKENS WORLD , Lucinda Ryan productions, Robbie Humphries

The Miller plus a Role in each Tale, CANTERBURY TALES MADE MODERN, Bacchae Theatre Company, Sammy Dent

Simon, ERICA AND ME, Brabourne Theatre, Jacqui Fortescue

Leonard, BETRAYAL, Brabourne Theatre, Jacqui Fortescue

Ron, THE SPY WHO CAME IN FOR THE PHONE, Brabourne Theatre, Jacqui Fortescue

Arthur.M.Smithjones, DEATH BY MURDER, Company Upfront, Keith Stichman

Rehearsed Reading

Will, NO BIRD, NRR, Nichola Rivers

Richard Burton, 3 KNIGHTS WITH A WELSHMAN, KSW Productions, Belvedere Pushan

Winston Churchill & George Lansbury, POLITIC MAN, Three4all theatre, Alison Mead,

Rob, BIG SOCIETY DEBT, The pottery group, Greg Lawrence

Dr Geoff Shepherd, TATTOO, MSFT, Joanna Greaves

Dad, HAPPY FAMILIES, MSFT, Lennie Vavarides

Mike, PAWN, Rehearsal rooms, Sarah Chew

Short Film

Robert, BOOK FOUR, S&S Film, Helouise Devaux

Michael, RECALL, Yilmaz, Serenay Yilmaz

Nick, A KIND OF LOVING, All the worlds a stage. Philip Carr

Inspector Frederick Abberline, GINGER, Selina Sondermann

Ridley, BRIGHTNESS, Keshet Sidi

Jack, BAD GIRL, Metrit Films, Matt Rita

Charlie, THE AA MAN (WORKING TITLE), Balik Arts, Mustafa Boga

Richard Jones, THE NEIGHBOURS, EVA Films, Charlotte Holland

Aaron, PAPA SAPLING, Independant filmmaker, Charles de la Mare


Charles Kennedy, SERIAL SWINDLERS, Make world media, Charly Feldman

Music Video

Wrestling coach, WEIGHT OF FEAR AND DOUBT, Lake Komo, Greatcoat films, Kyle Whittington and Joe Brady


he Sheriff of Nottingham, ROBIN HOOD, Shooting Star Entertainments, Kate Maunder

Lawrence (Three little pigs), LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, Pluckley Panto Unlimited, Dave Richens RIP / Tony Burden

The Red Queen, ALICE IN PANTOLAND, Pluckley Panto Unlimited, Dave Richens

Wishy Washy, HI HO SILVER PANTO 25 YEAR CELEBRATION, Pluckley Panto Unlimited, Dave Richens

Fred Fosdick, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Pluckley Panto Unlimited, Dave Richens

Jingles the Jester, KING ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE, Pluckley Panto Unlimited, Dave Richens

Prince Eric, THE LITTLE MERMAID, Pluckley Panto Unlimited, Judy Poole

The Child Catcher, PUSS IN BOOTS, Pluckley Panto Unlimited, Dave Richens


Dave Hamburger, WINTRILLIONS, Wagon Media, Carlton Walls

Principal Actor and Voiceover, DINERS CLUB, Sara Galvao- Mofilm, Sara Galvao

Dad in Gym, DAVID LLOYD LEISURE CENTRE COMMERCIAL, Somersault TV productions ltd, Catherine Campbell


John Davies, BARCLAYS DC&G TRAINING VIDEO, Juice, Garo Berberian

Fire Safety Officer, CHIMNEY FIRE SAFETY CAMPAIGN, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Chris Newberry

Event Spectator, AVON & SOMERSET POLICE TRAINING VIDEO, Sightline, Keith Thomas

Telephone client, SOUTHWARK NHS, D&D devlepment, Sam Chittenden

Customer, AVAYA CORPORATE VIDEO, Direction group, Georgia Frost

Voice Over

Door Knob, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Chelsea Marsh, Chelsea Marsh

Radio Commercial, NATIONAL CAREERS SERVICE, Olle Grove, Olle grove

Radio commercial, DOWNLOAD 2013, Olle Grove, Olle Grove

Charles Dickens, CHARLES DICKENS ANIMATED CHARACTER, CLucinda Ryan Productions, Lucinda Ryan

Epic Army General, THE REDFORDS, Tilly Robinson, Tilly robinson

Prestol, Male Picker, Male visitor, THE GIFT EXPERIENCE (RADIO PLAY), Nicola Woodham Productions, Nicola Woodham


Lecturer, SKETCH SHOW, Brabourne Theatre, Jacqui Fortescue

Further Credits

Radio, Guest Continuity Announcer, PAT MARSH AND STEVE LADNER, BBC Radio Kent, Pat Marsh and Steve Ladner

Training Film, Pete, PROJECT 5, MTJ Media, Bruce Windwood

Inspector Crabb, MURDER MYSTERY, Avant Garde, Richard Hazelgrove

Internet, Cameo , RAY SWIPES HOME SURVIVAL, Swipes Productions, Jerry Anderson